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A second "improvement" was the replacement of the older Therac-20's electromechanical safety interlocks with software control, a decision made because software was perceived to be more reliable.

What engineers didn't know was that both the 20 and the 25 were built upon an operating system that had been kludged together by a programmer with no formal training.

Based upon a previous design, the Therac-25 was an "improved" therapy system that could deliver two different kinds of radiation: either a low-power electron beam (beta particles) or X-rays.

The Therac-25's X-rays were generated by smashing high-power electrons into a metal target positioned between the electron gun and the patient.

Toyota announced a recall of 160,000 of its Prius hybrid vehicles following reports of vehicle warning lights illuminating for no reason, and cars' gasoline engines stalling unexpectedly.

But unlike the large-scale auto recalls of years past, the root of the Prius issue wasn't a hardware problem – it was a programming error in the smart car's embedded code. With that recall, the Prius joined the ranks of the buggy computer – a club that began in 1945 when engineers found a moth in Panel F, Relay #70 of the Harvard Mark II system.

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