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USA Today reports the best large metro areas for young professionals are San Jose, California (114 employed single men for every 100 single women), Denver (101 for every 100) and San Diego (99 for every 100).

Only two cities had more than 90 employed single women for every 100 available men: Racine, Wisconsin; and Lewiston, Maine.

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Census data on unmarried men and women ages 25 to 34 across America, and published a map of ratios between singles in more than 100 metro areas. Our victim, who we'll call Sarah, says she met a men while using the online dating site, Plenty of Fish. (WKBW) - "We exchanged phone numbers, we went out on a date, we went out on a few dates."It started like any other relationship.She says the two started chatting on the app, and that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy.After a couple of dates, Sarah says she went to his house to watch a movie, she then fell asleep.

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