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Alternatively, "Audio data captured by one or more microphones may be processed using speech-recognition techniques to identify keywords relating to the advertising that are spoken by members of the audience."As Yahoo explains, the ability to personalize ads for smartphones has made mobile the most efficient place to use marketing budgets, whereas digital displays in public spaces, which still attract ad dollars, remain stuck on old technology.But instead of individualizing ads, Yahoo's idea would be to 'grouplize', where ad content is based on real-time information about a crowd of people, who could be commuters on a train platform or cars passing by a freeway billboard.Though that averages out to roughly 369,000 viewers per concert, Yahoo Live is returning for a second year with a slight shift in focus -- instead of one concert per day, live streams will be staggered to three or four per week to better maximize Yahoo and Live Nation’s marketing support.“We looked at the math and saw that we could actually increase streams and avoid traffic jams for a big Lady Gaga concert if we had a day or two before and after the show,” says Lisa Licht, Yahoo’s senior vp marketing partnerships.

The star paired a slinky red dress with sky-high So Kate Louboutin pumps.Hacked web giant Yahoo has filed a patent application for the ultimate ad-targeting system: a billboard that uses sensors to watch, listen and capture biometric data from the passing public.Yahoo, still in damage control from this week's claims that it helped the government spy on its email users, has filed a patent for smart technology that brings online ad-targeting capabilities to public billboards.It also envisages extending the online ad model of auctioning billboard space to the highest bidder, with content determined by the group's characteristics.However, if the smart billboards did their job of "grouplizing" a group of young adult males, it might display a risqué dating site ad, Yahoo says.

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