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Healthy relationships set the perfect tone for an overall healthy lifestyle.If your spouse, friends or other loved ones encourage eating a healthy diet, exercising, not smoking, etc., you’re likely to follow in their footsteps.There’s even evidence to suggest that couples who cohabitate are happier than those that don’t.Whether it’s having someone there to remind you to take your medicine, or having a partner to help take your mind off the pain, research suggests married people who have undergone heart surgery are three times more likely to survive the first three months after surgery than single patients.But when you're in a relationship, somehow, that seems like a hurdle you actually have to navigate. Sometimes, I take for granted the fact that I can go to the bathroom, shower, and get ready with the door open when I'm not dating anyone. I don't have to worry about weirding or grossing anyone out.I mean, a large component of this is that I don't have roommates, but I also don't have a boyfriend to worry about either.Here are a couple benefits of healthy relationships.Some are specific to romantic relationships, and others aren’t.

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Sign up for the Healthy Tips E‑Newsletter for everything from health and wellness ideas to patient breakthroughs to academic and medical advancements.A positive relationship can be shared between any two people who love, support, encourage and help each other practically as well as emotionally.In no particular order, people in healthy relationships tend to: And while you don’t have to be romantically involved to enjoy the benefits of a healthy relationship, there are various studies on the positive effects a healthy romantic relationship can have on your health.My single girlfriends and I all just booked a trip to Copenhagen on a whim. And that made me realize that's something I couldn't really do, and wouldn't do, if I was in a relationship. My friend Rachel got an email that, during the month of November, flights to Barcelona, Spain, Paris, and Copenhagen were incredibly affordable during certain dates. She sent the link to our group text (God bless the single girls group text), and we decided to go to the place none of us had been before — Copenhagen.

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