Barrel of fish dating site

You dont get to be picky when you look totally unattractive and have no personality either.

ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN "LADIES" also have to mention all the daft lists they have.

They all babble on how great they are but if they're that great why are they single and why are they mostly in their 30s with longest relationship of only a year??

Majority are ignorant picky rude and are suffering from delusions of grandeur Ps how did it get rated 3 stars on here? Well my feelings may have come across rather bluntly in my title so I apologize for my brevity but I will at least state my case to the extent such a thing is possible.. God forbid people pursue physical/emotional happiness via the once "free" internet without pulling the ol' plastic out of the wallet.

Must be over 6 foot 4 tall, must have a beard, must love dogs, no liars or cheats ( as if anyone would admit they are that! I even went in and changed the password through email but when I try to sign in with new password it tells me the same message.

Pay for an upgraded membership...will still happen.By the way, the email address is [email protected] more absurd, if I directly reply to their email, the communication will be automatically deleted. Thankfully, we exchanged phone numbers the day before my account was blown away! and If you do find one they never message you back whats up with that they looking for prince charming to come on a white horse and sweep them up off there feet and customer service Is the worst I have ever ever seen on any site before so bottom line avoid this website whatever you do take my word and first hand experience.They don't care about their services or the people they're serving. Jeff I really like this site, but the admin is just appalling.You can be mid conversation with someone you have been chatting to for a few days and then goodbye.Ask customer service for a reason why and you will not hear a thing. When you finally get thru all the fake profiles and there are loads and loads, you will find all the females moaning they dont want one night stands are sick of getting rude pics they just want to find a decent bloke, so you message them asking how they are and they either block you, ignore you or tell you your message isnt long enough as the review below points out we aint talking hot models here but seems to me thats what they are wanting from any men that contact them They will be on here for years pouting with their attitude they have of only replying to stunning hot guys so leave them to it, They should be grateful anyone messages them nevetmind get picky who they reply to.

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