Antedating crossword puzzle clue

Variants can be shaped like right triangles, diamonds or circles, just as long as they stick to that “across is down” rule.

This form antedates the crossword as we know it today, and there’s a rich tradition associated with its construction that goes all the way back to Ancient Rome.

So the next time you see one of these stretched-out, lazy-looking grids that no paper would ever publish if they knew what was good for them… You fill in the black squares as you solve, following all the hard and fast rules of American grids: no uncrossed squares, no two-letter words, all-over interlock, no repeaters.

However, the percentage of black squares you’ll end up with is sometimes greater than you’d normally see in a standard American crossword.

Sometimes you’re told whether the grid features left-right symmetry, up-down symmetry or the traditional radial symmetry, and/or given other starting hints.

Of course, such Mies-like “themed grids” can be symmetrical too.This isn’t a crossword form that’s “fun for all ages,” at least not very often.I guess it would be possible to create a set of clues that were easy enough for an eight-year-old and gleefully subversive for a twenty-one-year-old.You’ve probably seen this kind of crossword in school.It’s also the kind we mocked All About Steve for publishing as if it were a newspaper crossword.

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