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It is important for a Thai woman to understand that there are foreigners from many different countries and backgrounds as well as foreign men who are using the site for different purposes.She uses Thai dating sites on her laptop, from her office at work and on her Smart phone.'Sometimes I give my phone number to a guy I like if we're going to meet up,' she says.Peace-loving slave Tom is forced to submit to his sadistic master, the evil Simon Legree.Themes show illiterate Black plantation life, singing, dancing and gambling, religious beliefs and practices, including a special baptism sequence, and the relationships between men and women in a "sinful environment".She enlists the assistance of a younger rogue BW who was washed out of the program as too unstable, and they team to kill SARDONIS.The light story is only a pretext for La Revue des Revues' white-hot, non-stop procession of outrageously and scantily attired exotic dancers, showgirls, and acrobats including the Tiller's Follies Girls, Ruth Zackey and the Hoffman Girls, and danseuse russe Lila Nikolska.

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Damit versetzt David nicht nur ihr Herz in Aufruhr, sondern droht, auch ihr bestgehütetes Geheimnis zu enthüllen …»Die Romantik wird niemals sterben, solange Bestsellerautorin Nora Roberts darüber schreibt.« Kirkus Review »Nora Roberts kennt das Rezept für großartige Liebesromane!

A retired Black Widow operative discovers the “decommissioning” of the current Black Widow female assassins, and even though she is not a target, she decides for her own peace of mind – and to revenge the murdered BW agents – to take out SARDONIS.

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