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Somehow the Bible Belt kinda forgot about Louisiana, where the uptight rules on nudity and booze fly out the window as soon as you get west of the Mississippi.New Orleans leads the southern charge with two clubs in our top 21 and full liquor in all their strip clubs.And while Sin City might be America’s top town for strip joints, there’s a whole lotta state out there and only 47 clubs populating it.So despite having two clubs in our top 21, Nevada only ranks third thanks in part to laws prohibiting full liquor and nudity in the same spot.Which might also explain why John Denver was in such a hurry to come home.

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Sure, there are 59 clubs (12 more than Nevada) in a state of about four million, and Portland is the best place on the planet if you like your strippers with a heavy side of tattoo, but the no contact rules make the strip clubs here almost as much of a tease as the Ducks during football season.That’s now a solid we can use to make it rain instead of blowing it on a lukewarm domestic draft.While NJ strip-club regulations vary from town to town, and there are While the billboards that line I-75 as you drive north from Florida might lead you to believe there’s a strip club every 50 feet in the Peach State, sadly there are only 52 for all 10 million-plus people. well, ask any rapper from the ATL, and he’ll vouch that it’s the best strip club town in the country.When you see where Washington State ends up on this list, it’s pretty much a no-brainer why an NBA franchise would relocate from Seattle to OKC.This state’s got 55 clubs where topless women provide full-contact lap dances while patrons enjoy their favorite booze served from a full bar. But Kentucky has 56 clubs statewide where (at least outside of Louisville) private dances are perfectly fine.

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