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typically listens to different viewpoints and then allows viewers to call in and share theirs.

On this occasion, two guests, Rosette, a young teacher and leader in a Brethren church, and Michael, a church elder and development worker, took opposite views within a clear, Christian framework.

They encourage them not to mix until they are ready to get engaged.

She felt it was enough to learn from other people’s advice and experience.

“The point of this episode was that we’re not encouraged to mix at all,” Maggie explains.

But widespread tokens of love in February bely a deeply conservative attitude to any friendship across the sexes before couples are on the road to marriage.The typical response from younger viewers was different: “’Yeah, I wish I could tell my Mum’.It was that kind of thing: I assume nobody wants to hide,” Maggie says.There are no mixed singles groups and few opportunities for young people to meet openly.In more conservative areas a girl and boy are not even supposed to stand alone together after church.

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