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for Nintendo 3DS were developed simultaneously, the Nintendo 3DS version launched earlier due to its earlier completion of development.

Aesthetically, the games are much more stylized and visually intense than previous entries, with the overall colors being bolder and brighter and many elements having been redone to stand out more.A new game mode known as 8-Player Smash is also available.As opposed to the traditional four player battles Super Smash Bros.In this special game mode, most stages are restricted when five or six players are playing and even more when seven or eight are playing; in stages that are playable in 8-Player Smash, stage hazards such as bosses and other features are removed for optimization purposes, though stage incompatibility has shown to be mostly arbitrary, with even some incompatible stages featuring 8-Player spawn points.Smash Tour is a new mode serving as the exclusive mode for the Wii U version.

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