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If you would be willing to probe your own response to that principle and write out your experience with it, I’d love to interact with you in this space.Our website administrator, Marg Herder, assures me that people seldom enter into profound interaction in the comment sections of articles, so perhaps my hope is useless. At least I have taken this opportunity to tell you what silenced the guilt and consequent judgmentalism I was taught as a young fundamentalist Christian.

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It has made me a kinder, more understanding person than I formerly was.We ignore the Course’s exclusively masculine language, change all the pronouns for God and people to “she,” and proceed happily on our feminist studies.During my first readings of ACIM, I experienced a lot of cognitive resistance.What I would really enjoy is interacting with people online who are willing to think about Course principles and discuss them in depth.Including the resistance they may feel to some of these principles.

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