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" Or, "Yeah, my favorite fuckin song is Hillbilly Gully-Wully by Skipper Kipman and the Muddy Cake Bakers! Other than that just smile and nod your head in appreciation when people play rockabilly music around you. Dancers and band members have inundated us with requests to get an annual local rock'n'roll festival/weekend up and running in Perth. Other states seem to be able to get these things off the ground. Summersun was an attempt to address the west coast festival deficit.

Whether run for profit, or not for profit, breaking even, at least, should be a goal if the festival/weekend is to become an annual event with ongoing support. To get an event of this sort up and running takes vast expertise, and sustained energy.If you don't like leopard print then the exciting rockabilly lifestyle may not be for you.You'll want several leopard prints dresses, purse, belts, gloves, shoes, dog leashes, etc. Dye it black and whack yourself up some little bangs.(Also to be discussed in future chapters) -And a switchblade.(Don't worry nervous nellie, you'll never use it)Ok ladies, you'll need a little help here to catch up to your greaser counterpart over there with his hep wallet chain and switchblade.

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