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I send a 24 hour reminder email and ask attendees to let me know if they can’t make it.

On occasion, some registered guests have chosen not to inform me that they aren’t able to attend.

Speed Dating sells out regularly in certain age groups and at certain times of the year.

A “sell out” is considered 28 preregistered people; 14 men and 14 women. Yes, nearly everyone comes on their own to speed dating.

If one person marks ‘Yes’ and the other ‘No’ then no details are shared.

For example, if you choose someone as a friend and they choose you as a match they’ll be notified that they’ve matched with you as a friend only and vice versa.

Some people bring friends with them, but they’re usually the minority.

I work hard to monitor each event to have a minimum If you know in advance that you can’t make it to speed dating, you have a few options. If you don’t have a friend to transfer the ticket to, there are plenty of people on the wait list who would be happy to fill your seat.It’s a taste of what someone is about and it’s up to you what happens next.I have no control over whether or not you like the sample.How many men and women attend Saskatoon Speed Dating on average?Attendance depends on many factors including, but not limited to, the age group, time of year, and interest level.

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